What Happened at Tyler Connect 2013?

On April 28, 2013, over 2,000 Tyler users joined over 400 Tyler staffers in Boston, MA for Tyler Connect 2013, representing the Eden, iasWorld, Incode, Infinite Visions, Munis, Orion, Tyler SIS and Versatrans solutions. Their overriding goal was to discover new ways Tyler could help them become better at providing services to their constituents through … Continue reading What Happened at Tyler Connect 2013?

E-learning Simplifies Life in the IT Department: Tales From the Road

Like I said in my last post, one of the best parts of my job is getting to hear from clients who have had success using software in their school districts. Here’s another story, well, two actually, from two school districts who decided to replace their traditional Student Information System staff training programs with e-learning. … Continue reading E-learning Simplifies Life in the IT Department: Tales From the Road

“Lessons Learned” is a Daily Mentality

I was recently listening to the news, when the story was interrupted by an advertisement for a local hospital. A mature and wise-sounding man shared his thoughts: "I like to learn lessons. I learn something every day and it keeps me alive!" This message resonated with me, because I am a believer in “Lessons Learned,” … Continue reading “Lessons Learned” is a Daily Mentality

Planning is like Breakfast

It’s really quite simple: Planning is to Your Project, as Breakfast is to Your Daily Routine. A healthy breakfast will jumpstart your day and will provide energy to begin your daily routine, followed by lunch and dinner to sustain your body throughout the day. Breakfast is your opportunity to start each day with a healthy … Continue reading Planning is like Breakfast

SIS Implementation Check-In: March

Our goals can only be reached by having a plan of action and executing upon that plan. For those of you who know me on a personal and/or professional level, you know that I am somewhat of an organizational nut! I am an insatiable list maker and the epitome of a planner. The world of … Continue reading SIS Implementation Check-In: March