Tips for a Successful Software Implementation

There are two parts to any enterprise technology solution: software and service. What a software product can do is important, of course, and you should look carefully at its functionality before buying. But software only gets you partway to an improved operation. The services provided along with the software, such as training and support, often … Continue reading Tips for a Successful Software Implementation

Industry Viewpoints on Technology

There are as many viewpoints on technology in the K-12 industry as there are transportation professionals. You can see this easily in the vast differences between district operations. Some districts are fully equipped with the latest GPS/AVL technology, student card readers, routing and field trip software and even on-board tablets for navigation. Others use spreadsheets and … Continue reading Industry Viewpoints on Technology

Remember When We Used to Call It High Tech?

I still remember getting my first PC at work (1988), my first email (1992) and even proudly showing my dad how I could instantly alphabetize a long list of names with my spreadsheet. In the beginning, technology seemed like a special, almost magical addition to our lives. Contrast that with the influence of technology on … Continue reading Remember When We Used to Call It High Tech?

To Be or Not to Be a Project? Part Two

In my last post, I discussed the difference between operational functions and projects. If you haven’t read that post yet, please do before continuing on here where I will be discussing project methodology. Once something is defined as a project, you must recognize and understand the most effective approach you should take before you can … Continue reading To Be or Not to Be a Project? Part Two

To Be or Not to Be a Project? Part One

School districts are often faced with numerous tasks which must be carried out over significant periods of time, some accomplished throughout the year and some even carrying over several years. In this post and in follow up posts I will be going over some ways that you can tackle tasks like these, including some best … Continue reading To Be or Not to Be a Project? Part One

After Breakfast: Cleaning Up and Your Data Migration

In a previous post, starting your day with a healthy breakfast was used as an analogy for planning a SIS implementation. Well, I want to discuss what comes after having that nutritious breakfast (and all of your thorough planning). You are almost ready for a hard day’s work and the excitement of using your new … Continue reading After Breakfast: Cleaning Up and Your Data Migration

Cloud Considerations: Renting vs. Buying

In a previous post, we mentioned that there’s nothing worse than having an unexplained acronym thrown at you by an industry insider. So I’m going to start this post by defining SaaS – “software as a service,” something that you may hear people refer to in the same breath that they say they are “moving … Continue reading Cloud Considerations: Renting vs. Buying

“Lessons Learned” is a Daily Mentality

I was recently listening to the news, when the story was interrupted by an advertisement for a local hospital. A mature and wise-sounding man shared his thoughts: "I like to learn lessons. I learn something every day and it keeps me alive!" This message resonated with me, because I am a believer in “Lessons Learned,” … Continue reading “Lessons Learned” is a Daily Mentality

The eLearning Revolution

There is currently a not-so-quiet revolution in teaching and learning sweeping the planet. Called eLearning, it challenges the premise that teaching and learning happen only in classrooms and conference rooms designed for that purpose. eLearning has become a $52 billion industry and is predicted to reach $107 billion by 2015. There are many definitions of … Continue reading The eLearning Revolution

Planning is like Breakfast

It’s really quite simple: Planning is to Your Project, as Breakfast is to Your Daily Routine. A healthy breakfast will jumpstart your day and will provide energy to begin your daily routine, followed by lunch and dinner to sustain your body throughout the day. Breakfast is your opportunity to start each day with a healthy … Continue reading Planning is like Breakfast