Managing Expectations for Changing Technology

The world changes quickly. Changes in technology are even quicker. It can feel impossible to keep up with sometimes, and one of your greatest challenges as a transportation professional is fitting today’s technology into your operation. Like everything you do, it involves managing many different expectations: Parents expect the school bus location to show up … Continue reading Managing Expectations for Changing Technology

Telematics Is Peace of Mind

How much is an insurance policy worth to you, your school, or your operation? Think of the well-spent budget dollars used to insure your fleet. It brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your losses are covered. But how do you “insure” students? What can you do to create peace of mind … Continue reading Telematics Is Peace of Mind

Talking to Mechanics About Fleet Software

Let’s face it, being a school bus mechanic can be a pretty thankless job. They don’t get facetime with the kids. They don’t get a picture colored for them or gifts during the holidays from grateful parents. Yet they have a vital task: keeping the fleet that transports and protects those children mechanically safe and … Continue reading Talking to Mechanics About Fleet Software

Technology Disruption? Or Evolution?

The last time you took a summer vacation somewhere new, where did you stop to purchase your atlas? That’s your laughably rhetorical question for the day. Whether you’re reacting with nostalgia, or you’re wondering what an atlas is, you agree that it’s a pretty absurd thought these days. Disruption. That’s the word we use when … Continue reading Technology Disruption? Or Evolution?

Are Tablets Really the Next Big Thing?

There is a lot of talk these days about on-board tablet solutions for the K-12 transportation industry. It sounds similar to the buzz a decade ago about GPS technology. School transportation is what car manufacturers call a “follower” industry. That is, it follows the trends of the commercial vehicle market, only delayed by several years. … Continue reading Are Tablets Really the Next Big Thing?

A Brief History of the Computer User Experience

The way users interact with computers and software has changed dramatically over the years, and continues to evolve as technology advances. Some of you may remember the days of green and black text on a monitor displaying the commands that were typed on the keyboard, when only rarely did you have a reason to use … Continue reading A Brief History of the Computer User Experience

Going Mobile

What does mobile mean to you? The answer to that question very likely depends on how old you are. I got my first PC at work twenty five years ago and still clearly remember my first email. I’ve been using my desktop PC as my main source of computing power and connectivity ever since. While … Continue reading Going Mobile