Four Virtues from the Military That Can Help Your K-12 Operation Today

In my previous life as a Soldier in the U.S. Army, my standards for leadership were pretty high. We weren’t infantry, artillery, or Special Forces. I served in the Army Corps of Engineers, and we were building roads, fortifying bases, and hauling supplies. The blue-collar workers of the military — they don’t make movies out … Continue reading Four Virtues from the Military That Can Help Your K-12 Operation Today

Student Transportation Industry Resources

Driving a school bus can be the beginning of a long and varied career in student transportation. Most drivers also work as mechanics, trainers, dispatchers, or directors — or they plan to move into one (or all) of those roles in the future. So it’s important for those working in student transportation to become familiar … Continue reading Student Transportation Industry Resources

How Children See Your School Bus

According to the American School Bus Council, “students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely if they travel by school bus instead of traveling by car.” School buses are built safer and maintained more diligently than ever before. Couple this with the savings on fuel and traffic congestion, and it’s no … Continue reading How Children See Your School Bus

Remember When We Used to Call It High Tech?

I still remember getting my first PC at work (1988), my first email (1992) and even proudly showing my dad how I could instantly alphabetize a long list of names with my spreadsheet. In the beginning, technology seemed like a special, almost magical addition to our lives. Contrast that with the influence of technology on … Continue reading Remember When We Used to Call It High Tech?

Leadership Is IN You

Have you ever met someone you respected from the very moment you met them? Have you ever experienced the opposite? Let’s take a moment to compare those two experiences and examine what made those situations different. I like to think that it comes down to two key traits: authenticity and purpose. This blog post is … Continue reading Leadership Is IN You