Consolidation, KPIs, Efficiency – then what?

Recently, the Lake Placid News ran an article reporting that two small districts in upstate New York - Lake Placid and Saranac Lake - were going to explore options for funding a consolidation study. A discussion at a joint meeting of the two schools boards teased out the idea that a third district – Tupper … Continue reading Consolidation, KPIs, Efficiency – then what?

Day to Day Data

One of the key frustrations of 21st century educators is the constant demand for data. The curriculum coordinator wants data, the superintendent wants data, the school board wants data, the state wants data, and the federal DOE wants data. Teachers are entering data into electronic grade books. Attendance clerks, secretaries, counselors, nurses, and administrators are … Continue reading Day to Day Data

Data is Like Fitness

I know I should take better care of myself. I should do cardio, I should do strength training, I should eat better, I should take supplements. And I know this because I understand that without doing these things I will not take full advantage of my most important possession, my body. We all have friends … Continue reading Data is Like Fitness