Tips for a Successful Software Implementation

There are two parts to any enterprise technology solution: software and service. What a software product can do is important, of course, and you should look carefully at its functionality before buying. But software only gets you partway to an improved operation. The services provided along with the software, such as training and support, often … Continue reading Tips for a Successful Software Implementation

Student Transportation Industry Resources

Driving a school bus can be the beginning of a long and varied career in student transportation. Most drivers also work as mechanics, trainers, dispatchers, or directors — or they plan to move into one (or all) of those roles in the future. So it’s important for those working in student transportation to become familiar … Continue reading Student Transportation Industry Resources

Talking to Mechanics About Fleet Software

Let’s face it, being a school bus mechanic can be a pretty thankless job. They don’t get facetime with the kids. They don’t get a picture colored for them or gifts during the holidays from grateful parents. Yet they have a vital task: keeping the fleet that transports and protects those children mechanically safe and … Continue reading Talking to Mechanics About Fleet Software

What Happens When a Vendor Responds to an RFP?

Summer is a quieter time for school transportation (relatively, of course), so this may be the best time of year for preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for those technology solutions you’re considering adding to your district operations. In order to help you craft an RFP that gets you the win as much as your … Continue reading What Happens When a Vendor Responds to an RFP?

Technology Disruption? Or Evolution?

The last time you took a summer vacation somewhere new, where did you stop to purchase your atlas? That’s your laughably rhetorical question for the day. Whether you’re reacting with nostalgia, or you’re wondering what an atlas is, you agree that it’s a pretty absurd thought these days. Disruption. That’s the word we use when … Continue reading Technology Disruption? Or Evolution?

How Children See Your School Bus

According to the American School Bus Council, “students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely if they travel by school bus instead of traveling by car.” School buses are built safer and maintained more diligently than ever before. Couple this with the savings on fuel and traffic congestion, and it’s no … Continue reading How Children See Your School Bus

Summer School and Routing Software

Warmer temperatures are underway. Baseball games and track meets dominate your athletic trip schedule. You’re planning for the hectic finals week. Somehow, it's almost the end of the school year again and, if you’re like most people who work in K-12 transportation, you cringe when someone says, “Aren't you off for the summer?” Not only … Continue reading Summer School and Routing Software

Who’s Driving Your Software Demo?

Selecting the right software to help you run your operation is one of the most critical decisions you can make in student transportation. And it’s a decision you’ll make based off of one or two demonstrations of the program. That’s why it’s so important that you don’t just see what the salesperson wants to show. … Continue reading Who’s Driving Your Software Demo?

Are Tablets Really the Next Big Thing?

There is a lot of talk these days about on-board tablet solutions for the K-12 transportation industry. It sounds similar to the buzz a decade ago about GPS technology. School transportation is what car manufacturers call a “follower” industry. That is, it follows the trends of the commercial vehicle market, only delayed by several years. … Continue reading Are Tablets Really the Next Big Thing?

Industry Viewpoints on Technology

There are as many viewpoints on technology in the K-12 industry as there are transportation professionals. You can see this easily in the vast differences between district operations. Some districts are fully equipped with the latest GPS/AVL technology, student card readers, routing and field trip software and even on-board tablets for navigation. Others use spreadsheets and … Continue reading Industry Viewpoints on Technology