Tyler’s transportation team was proud to show up in a big way at the 2019 National Association of Pupil Transportation Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Josh Rice, the director of transportation for Klein Independent School District in Texas, gave a series of brief presentations about his experience using Versatrans. He spoke to NAPT attendees about the value of having a single vendor – Tyler – provide the district’s routing (Versatrans), parent communication portal (e-Link), fleet maintenance (Fleetvision), and, soon, on-board tablet (Tyler Drive). Knowing the vendor he has trusted for over ten years will continue to lead the way with student safety innovation is priceless to Josh and his district.

In addition to Josh’s presentations, Tyler’s Kim Rentner held a session about the future of tablets on school buses. The Tyler Drive on-board tablet was the first to provide step-by-step navigation and increased student safety with student ridership management, and Kim was excited to share our vision for what the cutting edge of on-board tablets will look like in the coming years. If you weren’t able to attend, you can hear Kim speaking on The Bus Stop, a podcast for the student transportation industry. The episode is available here.

In our booth on the trade show floor, Tyler offered attendees a chance to race around a 1988 video game called School Bus Driver. Winners competed for the fastest time to collect students and drop them off at school in this game originally written for the Commodore 64. It was a blast from the past, and showed us just how far technology has come in a short time.

Tyler’s Kim Rentner enjoying the throwback video game in the Tyler booth

For every play, Tyler donated to the NAPT Foundation, which coordinates with school officials and student transportation professionals to educate the public about student transportation and safety issues and provide ways to enhance their local efforts. In total, the Tyler Foundation donated $10,000 to the NAPT Foundation to further these successes.

From left to right: Mike Martin, Executive Director of NAPT; Ted Thien, Vice President and General Manager of Tyler Technologies transportation solutions; Steven Kalmes, President of the NAPT Foundation.

The Tyler team is proud of our strong relationship with NAPT and the student transportation professionals who attend their annual conference. Thanks for another great year!

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