It’s not every day that a client reaches out to show off how they are introducing one of Tyler’s solutions to their community. So when the Palmyra-Macedon Central School District showed us the video they created to introduce Tyler Drive™ to their parents and students, we were blown away.

Pal-Mac’s 50 buses were recently equipped with the Tyler Drive on-bus tablet, and the district’s transportation office knew they wanted to find a creative and engaging way to explain the benefits of this industry-leading technology. The New York district highlighted some of the most important safety features of the tablets, including the screen going black when the bus is in motion to avoid driver distractions, and alerts to drivers when a student attempts to get off at the incorrect stop. They even called out how Tyler Drive’s downloadable routes and student photos make a substitute driver’s day easier.

Videos like these can help districts demystify new technology and encourage parents and students to use the best tools available for student safety. Way to go, Pal-Mac!

Check out the video below:

Tyler Drive video from Palmyra-Macedon CSD

You can also learn more about Tyler Drive in this upcoming webinar.

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