Let’s talk about the unsung heroes of school transportation – your mechanics. Who else is going to run out to change wiper blades on a bus halfway through its route in the middle of a downpour? Who else is going to stay overnight at the garage in below-zero temperatures to make sure the fuel doesn’t gel? Who else is going to jump out from underneath a messy oil change, wipe their hands, and grab the keys to go rescue a bus that’s broken down?

When Tyler’s Solutions Consultant Kim Rentner was a transportation director, she went out to the market to find fleet maintenance software that would live up to the same demands she asked of her mechanics. Just like your mechanics, the software needed to be highly mobile and highly flexible. And because they already have a lot on their plate, it shouldn’t make their job harder.

So why did she choose Traversa’s fleet maintenance?

  1. It’s necessary — These days, operations are expected to be more efficient than ever. Beyond helping you become paperless, fleet software can help you plan for of preventative maintenance, track overall costs, and prepare for your age and obsolescence plan.
  2. It’s easy — Mechanics usually don’t have a lot of time to sit down at the end of the day to do a lot of typing. With Traversa, work order entry is quick and effortless, allowing mechanics to enter important information in a matter of seconds.
  3. It’s mobile — These days, it seems everything is available on a mobile platform, so why not fleet software? With Traversa, your mechanic can enter a work order on a ruggedized tablet, right from under a bus, and keep moving as needed in the fast-paced world of K-12 transportation.
  4. The buy-in was painless — Kim included her mechanics in the buying process. During product demos and decision-making, she created a culture that empowered her mechanics and encouraged them to get involved, ask questions, and have a stake in the direction she took their operation.
  5. The training was customized — Kim knew that when Tyler trains its clients, we use their data in their environment. Because her mechanics weren’t going to train in a fake sample database, she knew they’d learn the program while also getting valuable work done.

The average ratio of buses to mechanics in this industry is 30 to 1. Think about that! We trust our mechanics with so much. They keep a fleet running that transports the world’s most precious cargo, every morning, day, and night. And they don’t always get to see the smiles from students or the thanks from parents. The least we can do is help support them with great technology tools.

If you haven’t thanked you mechanics today, please give them a pat on the back from Tyler and let them know we appreciate their crucial role in getting our children to and from school safely.

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