Recently we here at Tyler Technologies were contacted by one of our clients, Barrow County School System in Georgia, letting us know that they had done something pretty incredible. They use our data analytics program, Tyler Pulse, and they found it so useful that they decided to create their own client testimonial video talking about their positive experience with it.

We are beyond delighted with this video, firstly because we are so glad that Barrow County School System has been well-served by our products. But also because this is a great example of a district communicating about the solutions they’ve implemented and sharing their success with the community. Here on the K-12 Viewpoints Blog, we always try to keep our posts informative and useful, and we don’t focus too much on our own products. This video provides a real-world example of a district implementing a solution that works for them, and which could work for others. When we see how our peers are solving problems we can draw on that example and make a more informed decision down the road. In that way, we feel that this video will be useful to you.

You can decide for yourself, of course. The video is embedded below. Take a look!

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