What does mobile mean to you? The answer to that question very likely depends on how old you are.

I got my first PC at work twenty five years ago and still clearly remember my first email. I’ve been using my desktop PC as my main source of computing power and connectivity ever since. While I appreciate my laptop, smart phone and tablet as part of my toolkit I also cherish the times when I don’t have a screen in front of me.

On the other hand, how does the Millennial Generation (birth years 1980 – 2000) answer that question? The internet has always been there. iTunes, Facebook and Twitter are taken for granted. Email is old school. Photos are digital images that instantly get shared far and wide. The powerful little computer that is seemingly always in hand now forms their primary interface with the world.

The wheel of technology has turned to the mobile world. Our expectation for instant access to any store, movie, song or newspaper is just the way the world works these days. “Click and ye shall receive” is our new paradigm.

The lines between our personal lives and our work have blurred right along with this evolution. Email access on your phone seemed like a huge thing ten years ago. Now we expect our phones to recognize us with a touch and deliver content customized for our latest needs.

Our stakeholders rely on our ability to stay current with the latest technology. What if your technology could give you safe and secure 24/7 access to things like student info, bus info, school contacts, budget info and communication with parents? Well, the answer of course is that it already can. It is time to start the conversation with your technology partners.

Visits from mobile devices now account for 28% of all website traffic, up 67% in just the last year.[1] Fast forward ten years into the future and imagine tracking and video data automatically loading on parent’s devices with every move a student makes. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

One thought on “Going Mobile

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