On a recent trip to a school district in western Virginia, I was running though a typical demonstration of the employee master file to a group of employees from the Human Resources Department.  The conversation turned to content management as I showed how documents like W-9’s and Personnel Action Forms could be stored electronically and linked back to the appropriate employee.

When I reached the I-9 form, the HR Director stopped the presentation and informed me that I-9’s could not be stored within the personnel file.  Having never heard this before, I thanked her for the information and continued with the presentation.

Upon return to the office, the Sherlock Holmes in me decided to set out and find the answer to this seemingly benign business process.  A quick trip to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (www.uscis.gov) revealed that USCIS recommended employers keep Form I-9 separate from personnel records to facilitate an inspection request. So the HR Director was correct – but also completely stuck in the past.

This requirement only applies if the forms are stored in paper format. That fact that the software system I was demonstrating would store the I-9 in a secure and reliable Content Management System made the commingling a legitimate practice.

The move to a software-based information system will mean dropping many old assumptions and relearning old processes. What kinds of simplifications and improvements could your district implement with new software?

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