On April 28, 2013, over 2,000 Tyler users joined over 400 Tyler staffers in Boston, MA for Tyler Connect 2013, representing the Eden, iasWorld, Incode, Infinite Visions, Munis, Orion, Tyler SIS and Versatrans solutions. Their overriding goal was to discover new ways Tyler could help them become better at providing services to their constituents through the use of Tyler products.

Why did all these people make this major commitment? After all, attendance at a conference involves the expenditure of precious resources such as the cost of travel and lodging and the productivity cost of an employee’s absence from the home office. What was their return on this investment? As it turns out, there were very significant takeaways they were able to bring back to their organizations.

They got a chance to see the latest offerings from their chosen technology partner, Tyler. They were the first to hear about Tyler’s exciting plans for the future. They were able to meet and influence some of the folks who actually create the software they use. They got a chance to network with their fellow users from similar organizations all around North America. They were able to brush up on the skills they use every day and to learn new skills that will make them even more proficient in the future. On a personal level, Tyler Connect 2013 was a great way for them to stay competitive in an ever-changing professional landscape.

All of these benefits were enhanced by the format of the conference. Tyler Connect 2013 was structured to offer a wide variety of learning and connection opportunities including a large meeting involving all users, smaller classes focusing on specific topics and hands-on workshops where the sleeves were rolled up and folks went to work in a real environment.

Outside of the structured classes, there were several social events designed to encourage interaction on a personal level; including meals organized by product group, facilitating bonding with peers. Attendees seemed to embrace the varied opportunities to focus, learn and grow over the three days.

All things must end however. What happened when these attendees returned to their day jobs? Undoubtedly they returned with increased skills, competency, effectiveness, morale and contributions towards the future success of the organization. Sounds like an excellent return on investment for their organizations, taxpayers and constituents!

And the good news is that planning for Tyler Connect 2014 (April 13-16 in San Antonio) is already well underway. The foundation from Boston and past Connect events will ensure that Tyler Connect 2014 will be an even better chance to network, learn and share. The day we stop growing is the day we stop living. We hope to see you in San Antonio!

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