We have all heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. We all know how important and true this is. It takes the home, school, community centers, family, friends, and neighbors to raise our children. It also take a community to “raise” your SIS product.

Does your SIS vendor have an online community? If so does this community offer the following?

  • Forums to collaborate between users
  • Blogs to share information regarding the product
  • Link to a Knowledge Base
  • Link to provincial/state websites
  • Library of documents/video recordings
  • Link to eLearning materials for your district/division

An online community is a tool to foster collaboration between the users of your SIS application and the people who develop and support it. Why is this important for you?

It provides you an opportunity to reach out to other users of your SIS application to share information and have discussions about the best ways to use the program.

It is a conduit for the vendor to reach out to the user base and determine how features are being used and what may need to change in the future.

Software vendors need to constantly listen to the users of the application they develop. An online community is a perfect tool to gather, listen, and respond to the chatter of the users.

The online community is also a place to transfer knowledge regarding features and functions of the SIS application, and is also a place where you can discuss provincial/state changes made to stay current with provincial/state regulations.

What can you do? Find out if your SIS vendor offers an online community and join. Get involved and reach out to other SIS users. Use the tools available to you to transfer knowledge in your district/division. Efficient use of the resources available to you allows you more time for your students.

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