It’s really quite simple: Planning is to Your Project, as Breakfast is to Your Daily Routine. A healthy breakfast will jumpstart your day and will provide energy to begin your daily routine, followed by lunch and dinner to sustain your body throughout the day. Breakfast is your opportunity to start each day with a healthy and nutritious meal, laying the foundation for short-term and lifelong health benefits.

Likewise, a healthy planning process will provide the direction and focus necessary to begin and execute your project, followed by periodic project status updates and plan revisions, which fuel continued progress and keep project stakeholders informed and your project team on task.

Will you get through the day without eating a healthy breakfast? Yes, you will. However, your body will not have all of the benefits needed to be all you can be. Planning is an essential process ONLY if you wish to move through your project efficiently and achieve a high level of success. Will you reach your goal without planning? Perhaps. However, your project journey will undoubtedly be far more adventurous, extensive and expensive than you’d desire!

The Tyler Technologies Project Management team follows a proven implementation methodology modeled after the Project Management Institute (PMI) principles. For those of you who are not familiar, PMI is a globally recognized organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the project management profession. Tyler’s implementation approach is regularly honed, incorporating our ongoing lessons and learned outcomes. The Tyler School Division takes a close look in the mirror each and every day – we ask ourselves what we can do better tomorrow to work more efficiently and improve upon our clients’ experience. Tyler’s implementation approach continues to evolve as technology evolves, best business practices evolveK- and our Clients’ needs evolve.

If your School District is actively implementing a SIS solution for the start of the 2013-2014 academic year, below is our April 1st SIS Implementation status report.

Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far and please do take time to celebrate these accomplishments with the District Leadership Team! The celebration can be equally as important as the planning!

Project tasks likely completed by 4/1/2013:
Regular Project Status Meetings with your Project Manager √
Data Conversion Progress √
System Administration and System Setup Training Series √
End User Training Plan Approved √
Communication to SIS Project Stakeholders on Project Progress and Training Plans √
Celebrate March accomplishments!!

Project tasks planned for 4/1/2013-4/30/2013:
Data Conversion Progress, continued
System Administration & System Setup Training Series, continued
End User Training
eLearning Planning
Start of School Support Planning
Communication to SIS Project Stakeholders on Project Progress and Training Plans – Don’t forget!!
Celebrate April accomplishments!!

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